“I’ll Continue To Expose You…”- Musah Superior Tells John Boadu

By Enock Akonnor

Musah Superior has said he will continue to expose the deficiencies and incompetence of incumbent General Secretary of NPP John Boadu.

Vehemently rebutting allegations spewed against him by the latter that he Musah Superior has never offered a financial support to the party and that he had a sorry relationship with party faithfuls when he was serving as the Mayor for Tamale, he described it total false.

“You’ve not brought a pesewa to support the party…what was your relationship with the party? When you were given the position what did you do? No party member could even go to your office; pride? ” John Boadu to me”, Musah Superior recalled.

Responding to the foregoing, the NPP General Secretary hopeful Musah Superior wrote in his official statement copied to office of ;

“Me to John Boadu.

This cannot go without a response. JB is totally ignorant of how the Party campaigned in the north in 2020. I can see he is reeling under pressure. To say l have not brought a pesewa to support the Party is palpable false. He should do his home work well and check with our then PCs, some now MPs, he will realise that he has been misled bigtime. Ok, how much did JB bring to support the Party? Zero money! JB’s claim that l had a bad relationship with the Party people when l was Tamale Mayor is another desperate, limbless panic lie. I instituted a “surgery” for all party persons from Monday to Friday. It was great. I met Party people in huge numbers. They loved it.

In this election, no amount of lies, propaganda, power and tricks can protect or save anyone. Delegates will vote on our record and vision. No one will be hoodwinked. In the meantime, l will continue to expose JB’s deficiencies and incompetence as GS.”


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