IGP in fresh trouble as GPRTU Chairman initiates court action



Ghana’s Inspector General of Police Mr. James Oppong-Boanuh may soon be facing a legal battle as the GPRTU Chairman (Sofoline branch) Mr. Albert Boamah is fast-tracking a court action against the Ghana Police Service.

He is set  to take them on right after the expiration of 14 days (commenced on  5th June 2020) for failing to enforce to the latter Road Traffic Regulations 2021 (L.I 2180) which deals among others with transport and the operations of commercial vehicles in the country.

Regulation L.I 121 (1) of L.I 2180 provides that no person shall operate a commercial vehicle unless that person holds a road transport operator’s license. Again Regulation 121(2) of L.I 2180 further provides that no person shall operate as a commercial vehicle driver unless that person is employed by or belongs to a recognized commercial road transport organization.

Indeed under the same regulation 121 of L.I 2180 it is an offense to operate a commercial vehicle without belonging to a road transport organization.

In a cozy dialogue with, the enforcement of the above-mentioned legal requirements  as clearly pinpointed by the transport chairman has been highly abysmal owing to the ongoing high rate of violations committed by recalcitrant drivers at the full glare of security officials.


Litany of unlicensed commercial drivers, un-unionized commercial vehicles (waawaa) he indicated  still characterize the transport situation in Ghana and is causing so much nuisance. “ Ghana Police Service has been weak in their delivery”.

He sighted that operations of defaulting drivers around his jurisdiction of operation (Sofoline) cause unwanted traffic during the rush hours of the day leading to economic losses.

Again operations of these drivers who are breaking the law also greatly affect his work at the sofoline terminal located within the Kwadaso Municipality of Ashanti region.

He has therefore resolved to initiate a legal action against authorities.




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