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If Your Phone Gets Soaked In Water, Here Is What To Do



Hello my dear reader.

It is a known fact that dropping your phone in water by accident could be a very sad thing.

Your phone may become so much soaked with water when it drops in the swimming pool, or even by rain in the wrong way.

And, the fact is that many of us lost all our data on the phone (pictures, addresses, documents) all because we did not know what to do.

In this post, will share with you seven(7) steps to take when your phone gets dropped in water or soaked by rain.


Here they are;

1. The first thing you must do is to remove the handset from the water so it drops instantly.

This step may look strange because obviously, that is what anyone would do.

2. Switch the phone off quickly:

If your mobile phone does not go off on its own, please try and switch it off immediately.

Another way to do so is to remove the phone battery so the whole unit is switched off.

Kindly note that the reason for doing so is to avoid short-circuiting.

3. Remove the battery:

That move only applies to people who are not using phones with built-in batteries. Modern users of mobile phones may, therefore, skip this step.

4. The next step is to remove all other peripherals and the storage card and sim card.

After you are done with the removal of all these slots from the handset, carefully clean the handset until it is dry (do this with a smooth piece of cloth made from microfibre).

Remember that papers should not be used, because they are more likely to get stuck in the slots.

5. The next step is to put the cleaned phone in a vacuum bag:

Were you conscious that doing that would drain water that is trapped in telephone areas that paper cannot get to?

All you need to do is place the phone in a plastic bag and then remove the air. That process creates an effect of vacuum.

6. The next step is to place the phone (like raw rice) in an absorbent position.

As mentioned earlier, some difficult areas of the handset, such as storage card slots, are not reachable by a piece of cloth.

Since raw rice is a strong absorbent, place the phone inside for 2 days. You would be surprised that the rice will effectively absorb any moisture form on the phone.

7.Finally, switch the phone and wait for it to load.

I firmly believe your phone will power up if all those measures are taken.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope you have gained one or two lessons from this little article.

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