If Your Husband Is Avoiding Making Love To You, Do These 2 Things Quickly



As we are all aware, there is no smoke without fire and if you are a married woman and your husband is avoiding making love to you, there must be some reasons behind that.

As a serious minded person, you must try all you can to find out the reasons and address them as soon as you possible.

If your husband is avoiding making love to you, do these 3 things and I promise you that he will change positively.


1. Evaluate and change your attitude: The first thing you should do is to evaluate your attitude towards your husband and know if that is the reason why he is avoiding you. Do the correction quickly the moment you realize that as the reason.


2. Evaluate and change your hygiene status: if your hygiene status is not appreciable or very poor, try and work on it to improve your hygiene.

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