If your child speaks any of these slangs, then know that he or she is a cultist

Today I will be imparting to you, some cultist slangs that you have knowledge on.

Are you a mother or father and you generally hear your child or little kid talking any of this slangs with his companions, so as to befuddle you not to comprehend what they are stating, if you don’t mind realize that your child, girl, companion or sibling is a cultist.

Listed below are some of them, that they talk ordinarily during their discussion.

1.Jew or 48

This implies a non individual from any confraternity.

2.B. S .T

This implies baster, that is an individual from an alternate clique gathering.


This is the name given to any of their lady friends.


This way to take a non individuals has a place, similar to cash, materials or telephone.

5. B.S

This implies blend area, Any new killer consistently do this B.S so as to show gratefulness to the individuals for making him the top of the confraternity.

6. Capper

Whenever you hear them discussing capper, it implies telephone

7.Jazz In or Lap

Whenever you hear them saying lap or jazz in it intends to come.


This implies obembe business, this is where they share their cash.

9. O.V.B

This implies over load up, whenever you hear them saying, toss him over board, it intends to slaughter the individual.

10.3 6

Whenever you hear them saying 3 6, note that they are going to meeting.

11. Iceland

Iceland is a concealed spot where they have their gathering.

12. H.I.T

This implies a war between two distinctive faction gatherings.

13. L.T

This implies plunder or pillager, plunder intends to engage in sexual relations with a young lady and raider implies an undermined.


Teeth implies razor or some other sharp item.

15. O.S

This implies Odin transport, and whenever you hear them discussing O.S realize that they are discussing condom.


This is an individual that isn’t yet a part yet the cultist posses needs him to go along with them.


At whatever point they state they sink any of your properties, it implies you will never observe it again.


This way to beat or hit an individual till they drain.

19. Sticker

This implies cutlass.

20. Hat

This implies their top

21. Monkey

This implies drink, and its a conventional beverage as well as a beverage they use in perfuming customs.

22. Rubbers

This implies cash

23. Sheriff

This implies garments and shoes.


This implies how are you, this is the word they use, rather than how far or How are you getting along


This implies water, that is the word they use rather than water.

25. Nursh

This way to smoke.


This implies a vehicle or bicycle.

27. Pilot

This way to convey them starting with one spot then onto the next.

28. D1

This is the thing that they consider their killer that is their pioneer.

29. Smack

This way to eat

30. Dievas

This implies their weapon

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