If you still kill cockroach with shoe or slippers please read this.

Cockroaches are very little insect often seen in our home.

They can be very dangerous to our health. There are soo many ways you could kill a cockroach which include using of gels, insecticides etc.

Using your slippers or shoe to kill a cockroach might sound somehow cool but can be very bad, especially when you break the sole of your favourite shoe in an attempt to kill the cockroach.

I would be sharing some of the ways you can get rid of cockroach without spoiling the sole of your shoe or sandals.

1. Clean your home regularly

Cleaning your home regularly will reduce the chance of getting cockroach into your home. If you have cockroach in your house already, do well to clean under the tables, behind the electronic appliances and don’t forget to throw away the trash can.

2. Clear out every stagnant water.

If there is any stagnant water in the kitchen, back of the window, under the basin, please do well to flush it out so it won’t attract more cockroaches.

3. Dispose all the waste e.g nylon, empty bottle, properly .
Dispose all nylons and empty water and soft drink bottle properly, like the one used in buying sugar, milk, and other food items, so these insects won’t have anything to trace.

Use your insecticide always

Spraying insecticide often would help you get rid of cockroaches and other insects that are making you feel uncomfortable.

If you follow this few steps, you would be bidding cockroaches goodbye.

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