If you still eat Salmon along with the skin, this message is for you

A 2015 report from the fisheries and aquaculture specifically stated that 2.6 million Ghanaians which was equivalent to 10% the population at that time were dependent on fish.

The reports continue to indicate the number of fish that is produced every year, amounting to 400,000 metric tonnes per year.

The Food and Drugs Authority also recommends 2 to 3 serving of fish every week at least. What sense am I making here?

The fact is, fish has now become one of our healthiest diet options when it comes to health.

They are classified as the number one superfood thanks to their omega-3 fatty acids and other vital minerals and compounds.

The super healthful ones include sardines, shellfish, mackerel, tuna and salmon as well.

However, when it comes to salmon the skin which looks like silver or whatever is a part of the concern.

So if you are a fish lover and would not like to waste the head, tail and skin, check out what salmon skin does to your body when you eat it especially in this era where they are mostly farmed.

Risk of Eating Salmon skin – farmed salmon

The potential risk is connected to chronic diseases including heart-related problems, type 2 diabetes and others.

How possible is that ?

Ok, so I first mentioned of farmed salmon which are mostly imported into the country. Farm salmon are known to live a dirty life where they get exposed to poisonous compounds such as mercury, PCB’s and POPs.

These compounds are proven to trigger severe health risk including but not limited to heart diseases.

What You Should Do Instead

If you are not sure whether over-the-counter salmons are farmed, you can switch to sardines, tuna mackerel. The best option is to buy it fresh from the seashore or a trusted source.

Remember, most fish from the cold stores are imported and hence they have a high probability of being farmed fish.

Don’t forget the mercury content can have a negative impact on your brain at a longer-term.

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