If you still eat boiled groundnuts this message is for you



Groundnut is in season now wow and it is always good to take advantage of any fruit,vegetable,cereal and legumes in season so as to get nutritional benefits for a healthy living.

Groundnut also known as peanut can be boiled,roasted or fried. It is critical to know that boiled groundnut is more nutritious.

Benefits of Boiled Groundnut/Peanut

– It is lower in calories than the roasted type,so it is a great snack for those that are watching their weight,but it keeps you energized,feeds your brain and holds you over til your next meal

– More antioxidants than the roasted type, it has nearly four times more antioxidant isoflavones than other kinds of peanuts.


Daily intake of such may reduce risk of cancer,diabetes,heart disease, arthritis and tumors.

– The boiled groundnut skin contains powerful antioxidants also.

– It contains vitamins like vitamin E,vitamin B8(biotin),vitamin B9(folic acid).These help your body to form red blood cells and to prevent birth defects as well.

– It is a good supplementation to a diet for hair growth.

– It is low in fat content.

– Higher fiber content which offers a great deal of health benefits.

– It contains one-fifth of your recommended daily intake of zinc,a mineral that has antioxidant properties and promotes wound healing.

Groundnuts/peanuts are great snacks that enhance nutrient intake without causing weight gain.

Eat a handful of boiled groundnut today and tap the benefits above.

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