If you see this in your house don’t kill it, see what it means

Many of us have seen this tiny lizards walking on the walls of our houses but some of us don’t know what they mean or what they are in for.

Many people who are afraid of tiny insects quickly rush to kill it but that is wrong. They are not harmful at all.

House geckos are found almost everywhere in the world especially where there is good temperature.

They are a part of the lizard’s family and they are cold blooded so they like busking in the sun to warm up.

There are many superstitions around these tiny creatures and in some cultures they are sign of luck but mostly they are associated with good luck and having them around your house carries a good meaning.

Instead of rushing off to kill it or chase it away try finding out what seeing it inside your house really means.

Few people who believe that they bring bad luck believe that seeing the gecko means that there will be death of a loved one in the family or that something bad is going to happen.

Some people believe that the gecko carries good luck and that seeing one is a sign of rebirth or prosperity in the family.

It is very hard to kill a gecko and when you do you will realize that it takes a while for it to die and its tail will keep twitching for at least 4 hours after killing it and that is because the gecko curses you when. You kill it.

So the next time you see the gecko think before you rush to kill it, which superstition do you believe? Does it bring good luck or bad luck?

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