If you see a baby in your dream, this is what it means. You need prayers

There are superstitious belief and there is faith which is ever true.

People sometimes attach different meanings to their dreams and some other things happening to them in life.

While some people’s dreams always come through, other people’s dreams turn into a nightmare and never come through.

Dreams can’t be stopped, but the silent message they tend to pass is what matters most.

Science will even inform you that our dreams are our deepest thoughts which always reflects back in our minds.

At some point, many individuals have testified that they always seem to dream of what they think most.

They’re to say, dreams are reflections of our deepest thoughts at night as we sleep.

However, Christianity have us believe that there are certain dreams that are direct messages from God to man.

Some of such dreams have interpretation and in most cases always come through.

Joseph in the bible was referred to as the dreamer, because he dreamt and his dream became a reality.

It is one thing to dream and another to be able to understand and interpret such dreams.

However, in today’s article we shall be discussing on what it means to dream of a baby.

Whenever you dream and see a baby, it symbolizes a seed according to Genesis 22:18.

This seed could be a bad one or good one, the seed in this context simple depicts a baby.

Whenever you are pregnant, and tend to dream of an infant, it depicts that your mind is thinking of having a healthy baby.

Also, if you are not pregnant, and have such dream, it means that an arrow of marital shame and disgrace is aiming at you.

Not being pregnant and dreaming of a baby simply means the spirit child will paralyze your efforts to settle down with the right man.

In an Alternative view, for an unmarried woman to dream of a baby could be a sign that the lady may face challenges when it comes to conception in marriage.

As a single lady, you need to pray against spirit children and marital disappointments. For a nursing mother, dreaming of a baby usually shows the great concern to the baby.

In addition, if the dream makes you unhappy, it depicts that the extinction of hope or the loss of some important things.

Considering some negative impacts of these dreams on our reality, it is important for any lady dreaming of such to pray.

If you fall on the negative aspect of this dream, below are some powerful prayer for you to have God take charge and be in control of your life.


1. I cancel every curse of strange babies in my dream, in Jesus name.

2. O Lord, I choose good children in my marriage and not strange ones, in Jesus name.

3. Have mercy on me O God and by your mercy separate me from spirit child in Jesus name.

4. I rebuke any Spirit husband in my life, in Jesus name.

5. Every power from the water using my dream to abort my expectations, die, in Jesus name.

6. I rebuke every spiritual wedding, marriage, and children ever organized in my absence in Jesus name.

Take this prayer seriously and God will help us all in Jesus name.

The views expressed in this article.

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