If you notice these signs in your partner, cancel the dating quickly

If you notice these signs in him/her while dating don’t bother yourself by going further to marry him or her.

If your current partner is always seen on phone, never makes time for you and is always busy, show him the red card immediately.

If your partner can do these things while in a relationship with you imagine how it will be if you marry him or her with this kind of attitude.

If your partner is always secretive and makes plans without even informing you then you must run for your life quickly.

Many relationships lack communication. If your partner can’t communicate with you while having issues and decides to go and party, it doesn’t show maturity.

If your partner is a party animal and always makes his/her friends priority then that indicates that he or she is not a marriage material.

Your partner should make you a priority and anything else should come at the back.

If your partner loves going out and coming home late then you better talk to her/him.

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