If you notice these 3 signs, know that you carry a special anointing

There is a famous adage that “all fingers are not equal”. This is very true.

Everybody on this planet is endowed with special and different abilities.

Some are more gifted than others, some are more wealthy than others, and some are more anointed than others.

Very few people carry a very special and powerful anointing within them which is meant to manifest sometime in the near future.

These individuals are always unique in a very special way, and there are some quirks they will possess that other people do not have, all because of the powerful anointing upon them.

Listed below are 3 signs that shows an individual is endowed with a special gift.

1. Your dreams usually come to pass

As strange as this may seem, it actually happens. Some people who are not prophets or pastors, dream dreams, and they come to pass exactly the same way they dreamed it.

It may be a particular scenario in the dream that will come to pass, or the entire dream itself. This is a very strong sign of anointing, and it tells that such an individual will become a great man of God or prophet in the near future.

2.You narrowly escape misfortunes many times.

If a young man or woman always narrowly escape from accidents or misfortunes, such a person is not just lucky, that individual is anointed. It is because of that anointing, that such an individual will always narrowly escape death, because he or she hasn’t finished the task God has kept for him or her. God always protects his own. That’s why the Bible said “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.

3. Some people randomly call you names like “prophet” or “man of God”, etc

If you are someone and you do not preach or own a ministry, or do any church work, or prophesy and yet people sometimes call you names like “prophet”, “pastor”, e.t.c. watch out, for your future is connected to God’s missionary work in one way or another. Many of the great pastors you see today, had this experience once or twice when they were very young, and had no idea they’ll be great men of God today.

Sometimes God puts such words in the mouths of these people, to give us an idea of what he has planned for us in future. So if you experience this a lot, then cheer up, you’ll be a great man in the near future.

Those names you are being called, are not a mistake, one day they’ll come to pass and you’ll remember that once upon a time, people used to call you “pastor”.

So these are the 3 things that people with special anointing do experience.

These things are not common to everyone, only the specially gifted ones. If you experience at least 2 of the above, then congratulations, God has planned a marvelous future for you.

I pray he gives you the grace to use this anointing, and be a blessing to your generation. God bless you for reading.

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