If you love sleeping without a cloth, see what it might cause you

Sleeping is a process of completing the activities of a day by compensating the body with contented rest and also a way of getting the body ready for the work of the following day.

However, different categories of people have different ideologies and choices when it comes to how they sleep.

This includes sleeping postures, sleeping positions and their sleeping environment.

While some individuals prefer to sleep with loose clothes on and duvets or blankets above their head, others prefer their own sleep with no clothes on their body.

These dual choices of sleeping have their advantages and disadvantages and we will be talking about the possible effects of sleeping without cloths in this very article.

1. Increased Risk Of catching common cold.

Sleeping without clothes means that your body gets more access to breeze, air or coolness from. air conditioners, this might seem pleasurable and comfortable but the body also has a limit to with it can take in coolness or remain in cool temperature.

Once it is beyond this limit, the reaction of such coolness with the body goes negative.

Some clear symptoms of common cold include cough, catarrh, cold and running nose.

2. Increased Risks of being assaulted by intruders.

This is more applied to the female gender. It might be risky to be sleeping without clothes where you know that you are not totally secured and free from any form of intruders. To reduce your risk of being assaulted, it is more advisable if you wear something before you sleep.

3. Gives mosquitoes more assess to your body.

Sleeping with no clothes is also an indirect way of inviting mosquitoes over to your body for them to have dinner, this can eventually cause you malaria.

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