If You Lock Your Door And Live The Key Inside, This Is For You

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On many occasions we hear reports of attacks on people’s homes for their valuable items.

Many of the thieves or home intruders who move into our houses use the front door.

Thpugh those doors were firmly locked, burglars were able to invade the house.

This sounds very interesting.

In this article, we are going to discuss deeply the dangers of leaving your house key in the lock on the inside of your door.

You are back home after an exhausting day at work, school, meetings, church or social gathering and you leave the keys in the lock and completely forget about it.

However, the main thing is that you have actually locked it.

Of course, you might be thinking when the keys are left inside the lock there is no way a person or a thief can use a different key on the other side.

However, this is the worst idea you could possibly ever have. The truth of the matter is that having a key on the inside part (lock) will do nothing to make the outside part any bit harder.

It also even makes your home more vulnerable to being robbed.

Here us why:

Basically, the first thing home intruders do is that they touch and test your door handle and examine it further upon arrival.

They often do this to find out if the door has been locked.

When there is a key in the locked door, it will produce a noise since the key will rattle inside the lock.

You might perhaps be thinking they do not rattle.

Well go and try it, they do and you can hear them quite clearly.

This gives the intruder a potential way in and they can perfectly unlock your door.

Majority of the doors in Ghana are the big old fashion door type (some with a keyhole you can see through).

This lock has 2 parts.

There is a long bar that connects through the part that goes into the frame.

All that the intruder needs to do is to get into the lock from the other side.

They will just turn the mechanism and there they are inside.

In fact, getting in is not a problem for thieves at all.

Also if there is a small gap under your door, they just place a piece of soft paper or cloth under the door.

Then the bad guys push the key out of the lock so they fall on the price of cloth or paper, and they slide them under the door.

Sometimes too, when your door has glass installed or it is the type with a windowpane, they just break the small windowpane and reach for the keys and unlock the door.

Also do not leave your door key on window ledges, as burglars (home intruders or attackers) can break the window and reach inside and unlock the door.

So as you can see, it is wise to never leave the key in plain sight.

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