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This Type of Bulb Is Dangerous, See How It Affects Your Health

Electricity light bulbs are one of the many essential objects we should have in our houses.

This is because of the fact that the light bulbs help us to see clearly in the night.

Majority of house owners nowadays settle on energy saving light bulbs so as to avoid the consumption of much electricity.

However, have you ever imagined the kind of damage that could be triggered by mishandling these bulbs in your house?

Beyond cutting you in case it breaks, In this article, I will school you on some of the damages caused by mishandling the light bulb in your house.

This bulb is embedded with a small amount of mercury.

According to research, this small quantity of mercury is very harmful to the health of man.

It has been ascertained that the amount of mercury contained in this fluorescent light bulb can contaminate more than six thousand gallon tons of water.

The problem is that the moment this lightbulb breaks, this mercury is released immediately, which in turn contaminates the area.

This type of light bulb also has certain metals such as cadmium and lead.

Due to the foregoing, you need to be extra careful with this particular type of light bulb if it breaks you will need to tell people to leave the place immediately then you have to put on your fan or air conditioner for a few minutes so that the bad air can go out.

Moreover, never use your hand to touch the broken parts of this lightbulb.

Instead of your hand, use a broom to clean up the particles so the particles will not injure your hand, this will also prevent the particles from poisoning you.

Also, do not look directly into this lightbulb as it can damage any or both eyes.

This is because of the fact that the light bulb is known to emit a large amount of UV radiation.

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