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Any moment you get an uncomfortable burning feeling in your chest that sometimes, moves up to your neck and throat, remember you are having an issue which is heartburn.

The Akan languages refer to it as “ebotwae, or mebo twae me.”

According to Mayo clinic, heartburn occurs “when stomach acid backs up into your oesophagus. If you continually get heartburns, these are what you have to do;

1.Maintain reasonable weight

Overweight, also known as Obese refers to where a person put on weight that looks unreasonable. When you an Obese, you don’t need someone to tell you. Sometimes, the weight gain may look mild, but the side effect can be very dangerous. According to WebMD, overweight people usually get heartburns. Exercise more, and watch your diet.


2. Get enough sleep

Heartburns may be caused by lack of enough sleep or rest. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, try to open your windows. A good bathe before you go to bed can give your Asphalt Sleep. One trick you will not find in the bible but works like magic is reading. Try reading a book if you find it difficult to sleep. It works like a lullaby.

3. Avoid foods that give you heartburns

You can also avoid the foods that give you heartburns. Cut down oily and spicy foods at night. Foods like Gari Jollof, Waakye, fizzy drinks, and many more are known to cause heartburns. You can choose to avoid them.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol increases stomach acid which causes heartburns. Drink green tea instead of alcohol. I am not talking about whiskey and dry gin only. Avoid anything that contains alcohol. Sometimes, fermented foods have alcohol in it. Avoid them all.

5. Check for stomach Ulcer

If you have a stomach ulcer, then it could be the reason for your heartburns. Cut the sponge tissue of Aloe Vera and soak it in water for hours. Drink some in the morning and evening.

6. Don’t lie down after eating

When you sleep right after eating, it hinders proper digestion. Improper digestion can also give you heartburns. After eating, wait 2-3 hours before you go to bed. The best solution is to eat supper at 5 pm.

7. Avoid constipation

According to WebMD, constipation also causes heartburns. Eat a lot of fibre. Eat Yam (Pona) with grounded garden eggs stew. Just heat the palm oil and pour it on the stew. It is very helpful. Drink a lot of water. Whenever nature calls you, respond immediately.

8. Use loose clothes

Make sure the cloth you wear is loose around your waist. Tight clothes around your waist may also contribute to heartburns.

9. Don’t overeat

Overeating causes Obese, inability to sleep well, and indigestion. All these causes heartburns. Also, take your time while you eat.

10. Use pillow

The pillow is meant for you to put your head-on. Some people put the pillow between their legs when they miss their boy or girlfriend. Use the pillow to elevate your head while you lie down. It prevents heartburns.

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