If you buy watermelon and see cracks inside, throw it away quickly



Watermelon is known as a sweet and refreshing fruit rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is naturally equipped with only 46 calories per cup, but it’s rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and many other plant nutrients.

Interestingly, it is good for you and research has shown that eating this sweet watermelon and drinking it as a fresh juice can have some significant health benefits.

But watch this, not every watermelon is the same.

For example, you should not eat a watermelon in case you see cracks within the flesh, which is a sign that The fruit has been treated with chemicals. The cracks in the flesh appears as a result of a chemical called Forchlorfenuron, a chemical powder that is used to accelerate the growth of fruits.


However if it enters the body, forchlorfenuron can cause cancer and neurological damage and destroy your overall health.

This is the reason why you should avoid eating watermelon if you see cracks within the flesh.

This is why it’s recommended to buy organic fruits and paying attention to their state.

How to choose the perfect watermelon?

1. Check the skin

The perfect watermelon will have a fine skin, not too bright but not too dull. If the skin is Too bright, the melon isn’t ripe enough. If it’s too dull, it’s likely over ripe.

2. Field spots

The underside of the watermelon should have a creamy yellow spot known as the field spot. This is where the melon sat on the ground and ripened in the sun, so the darker it is the better. If the field spot is white, or even nonexistent, this probably means that the watermelon was picked too soon and will not be ripe.

3. Tail

The tail of a watermelon indicates It’s ripeness. A green tail indicates it was picked too soon and won’t taste good. Go for the watermelon that has dried tail for the best taste

4. Size

Our common sense tells us that bigger is better. So we may think that we should get our money worth and go for the biggest watermelon but in reality the best watermelon is the average size. Don’t go for too small or too big, but just right.


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