If you bath with hot water, this is what happens to your heart



A litany of researchers and health personnels have come up to discuss about this water thing.

Not all people desire to take a hot bath. Many prefer the cold water bath to hot water. But here is more about hot water, it’s benefits to your body especially the heart and cardiovascular health.

Having a hot bath decrease your chances of catching heart diseases.

Circumstances like frequent heart attack or problems will be less. Cardiovascular disease risk, including heart attack, sudden cardiac death and stroke might not be your thing because of just bathing hot water regularly.

It is more improving and healthier when your bath the hot water daily than once or twice weekly.


Hot water also ensures, assures and offers you good sleep.

Imagine after a hard day’s work and you don’t feel anything like sleep which definitely have to, just take a hot bath and i promise you a good and a sound sleep.

A survey conducted in Japan on 61,000 middle-aged adults to determine their bathing, exercise and life activities.

Each participant was monitored until death or completion of the study at the end of December 2009, whichever came first, with the final analysis based on 30,076 people.

During the monitoring period, 2097 cases of cardiovascular disease occurred: 275 heart attacks; 53 sudden cardiac deaths; and 1769 strokes. After taking account of potentially influential factors, analysis of the data showed that compared with a once or twice weekly bath or no bath at all, a daily hot bath was associated with a 28 per cent lower overall risk of cardiovascular disease, and a 26 per cent lower overall risk of stroke.

Avoiding hot water bath endangers you stroke and a particular one called subarachnoid haemorrhage (bleed into the space surrounding the brain).

According to research From age 40 you have to take more of hot water to bath than cold water as it can help you increase your lifespan.

Please share to your family and friends to read and also know this so that they don’t fall victim to it. You might not know, you will save a life.

Source; opera news

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