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If You Are Using These Fingers As Your Phone Fingerprint Option, Change It Immediately

In today’s article, you are going to discover that there are some fingers which users should avoid using as their phone unlocking options.

It is very relevant for smartphone users to limit access to their device and because of this reason, modern technology has brought about the use of fingerprint scanners as another option for encrypting and unlocking a smartphone.

This kind of technology comes with most Android smartphones produced currently.

All it requires is for the user ti embed his or her fingerprint in the phone’s memory and selecting it as a lock option.

The technology has been globally embraced because of its Intuitiveness and many smartphone users can be seen making use of it.

However, this unlocking option has introduced certain issues even though its inclusion has added much to smartphone security.

The security can be overridden discreetly by unauthorized users when one’s attention is not close to the other person as fingers used in setting up can easily be guessed.

People who have used the following fingers as their smartphone fingerprint option should remove them quickly be it’s too late.

1. The Right forefinger

Whenever malicious person picks your phone while you are asleep, the right forefinger is what come to his mind as it mostly the preferable finger.

Please quickly remove this as your finger print unlocking option.

2. Left forefinger

This is always the second option in case the phone does not unlock with the right one. It would be more safer to use another left finger instead, please change it as soon as possible.

Source; Opera News

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