If you are still single at age 40, this message is for you



In our modern society, a person is expected to find a life partner immediately he or she is ripe for marriage.

This has been the normal thing since time immemorial. In the olden days, people even get married earlier than the society expected. Because of modernisation, civilisation and modern education, people do not get married at odd ages.

Those who spend more years in school are unlikely to marry early than their uneducated counterparts.

But when an individual is delaying marriage at a certain age, society begins to make ‘noise’.

There is pressure from the family, friends and the whole society. Marriage and child birth are the most important things in the Ghanaian society.


If you have all the wealth but refuse to marry and raise children, you are not accorded any respect in the society.

In today’s article, we will talk about the consequences of delaying marriage unreasonably.

1. When you are still single in your 40s and still find no cause to get married, you will be worn out completely. This goes to women who are too selective.

There is no man who is an angel. If you keep rejecting and discarding one man or the other, you will be left with no man to even consider you as a second wife. It happens to some one-time ‘flashy’ women.

Their beauty have eaten deep into their heads in such a way that, they consider themselves too good to marry some particular men. But when desperation comes in, the same women donate themselves to some rascals in the society. When menopause is fast approaching, these women will keep roaming the streets for men. If you don’t want to be useless, marry before 40.

2.You will not be able to look after your children effectively when you’re still single in your 40s. This goes to both gender. There is no point in delaying marriage for a long time. It is prudent that you establish yourself before marriage; this is the only way you can give your family a better future when you get married and start bearing children. But if you are well to do but still refuse to marry for whatever reason, it will be difficult to look after your little kids when you go on retirement.

Your children will become burdens on you because your meagre pension allowance cannot sustain the family and even take care of the children’s school fees. This is the time to raise a family. You will see old men who are about to go on pension.

Their kids are in the kindergarten whilst their colleagues have children in the university.

In short, be reasonable; chasing material things too much at the expense of family life is also not good. You have to make time for yourself aside long years spent kn acquiring certificates.

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