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If Robbers Attack You, Dial This Code to Block Your ATM Card Quickly



This is a quick advise that will help you to save the money in your bank account when robbers attack you or you misplace your ATM and you suspect that illegal transactions might be carried out on your account to steal your money.

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Having said that, one cannot help but watch how the crime rate in the world is on the increase, we see it every day on the television and newspapers and we cannot help but imagine if it would get better soon.

The level of hardship we are witnessing has further exacerbated the security condition of many countries.

All we can do at the moment is to pray that God strengthens our security agents to tackle the uprising armed robbers and stop them from harassing and stealing our hard earned money


One thing always comes to heart during a robbery attack; that is how to keep your money safe, and how to properly protect your life at the same time.

Please don’t loose sight of the fact that it is God who protects life, robbers usually rob to loot your money and nothing else, if they do otherwise, then it is not a robbery attack.

However, you can save your money from armed robbers during a robbery attack by simply blocking your ATM card and deactivating all mobile transactions from your phone.

Because the new way robbers collect your money now is to tell you to transfer the money in your account to their own account.

They no longer care about monies that you have kept in your house because they are aware of the fact that people barely keep their money at home.

This code that I’m schooling you on is very useful when:

1. 419 people trickishly collect your ATM card,

2. You loose your ATM cars or

3. Pick pockets steal your ATM card and are trying to access it in order to steal your money from your account.

All you have to do is to dial this code;

*966*911# instantly from any available phone.

The code is basically meant to stop all debit transactions from your phone and your ATM card.

You will receive a prompt message that will tell you to insert your account number, Do so and follow the next instructions to completely disable fraudulent transactions on your ATM card.

Thank you very much for Reading.

Source; Opera News

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