I Wonder What ECG Will Tell God On Judgement Day.

In fact the recent unannounced power outages Ghana have left a high number of people asking unanswered questions and wondering if “Dumsor” is back with us again.

It would be recalled that in the year 2012, the country was submerged into total power outages which was regulated by timetable provided by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Since the introduction of the “Kapower” power generation deal, electricity provision has been stable in then country until recenrecent.

In recent times, power outages have become the order of the day. The ‘wahala’ with this is the nature of it being unannounced making it difficult to plan with that.

Many people have pressured the authorities to come out clearly with the way forward. GRIDCO has hinted that this power outages is likely to run from now till July for those of us in Accra, whiles those in Kumasi are likely to experience these intermittent power outages till December this year.

What is causing the recent power cuts, according to them, is basically a problem which has to do with the transmission of the power from the sub-sations.

Accordingly, they are upgrading their systems to curb these power transmission problem in the future.

But some citizens would not take any excuse for their inability to undertake their mandate by providing them with constant uninterrupted electricity.

One such person has taken to their telegram group with the handle @stopfooling to ask the ECG a question that’s needs be answered. He wrote, “I wonder what ECG will tell God on judgement day, simple instruction “let there be light” you can’t obey, we all go meet there aswer”. As he said, all we can do is to manage the Dumsor season for a while until we all meet at the Judgement seat of Christ then we’d know what answer ECG has for disobeying what he terms simple instructions of “let there be light”.

Thank you very much.

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