I will sue all media houses in Ghana this month- APC



The media houses (Tv and radio stations) are not abiding with the 1992 constitution of Ghana interms of Democracy and Freedom of speech.

Almost all the media houses in Ghana have been promoting NPP and NDC, giving them much attention and the platform to explore lies and throw dust into the eyes of Ghanaians which is a total scam iinstead of engaging with other serious Political Parties like APC to share their Policies on their Platforms which will restore hope and transform Ghana in the 21st Century.

NPP and NDC have been deceiving Ghanaians for sometime now and the media houses are aware of this.
Without the Media houses NPP and NDC will not be valid because they cannot get the opportunity and the platform to lie in order to scam Innocent Ghanaians and leave them to suffer in their own country
I have already taken my decision to sue all the media houses in Ghana by the end of this month for allowing scammers(NPP and NDC) to operate with them all this years

Hon.Abdul Rauf
(Public Relations Officer of All Peoples Congress, APC)
Call or WhatsApp for details 0261910207 /0546272627

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One Reply to “I will sue all media houses in Ghana this month- APC

  1. Stop what you are saying. The media houses are discussing parties manifestos which you don’t have any made to discuss on. Again you don’t have any track record to compare to theirs.
    Now you are being discussed and look at what you have made the media to discuss about you.
    Please get serious and work your way up on the scale

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