I Will Ceasefire Because He Is Doing His Best- Captain Smart

Outspoken journalist Captain Smart has announced by saying that he is human like anyone else.

And this is the reason why sometimes even though he knows there are certain things he need to say to the general public, he backs down all because he wants to make sure that even as he is doing this good work for the country, no one is offended because all that he is interested in is a change.

He claims that he is doing the work of the Almighty God as he defends the people of Ghana and make sure everything is alright.

He says he will seize fire and this will only happen if he sees that there is a positive change.

Captain Smart speaking today says a person can only be defended if he or she is trying his or her best.

“I am also human and if my fellow men in government are not doing what is right then I need to speak. If I see a change in the government and in the officials , I will seize fire because he is doing his best”, Captain Smart stated.

Captain Smart claims he is not against any individual in the country because all that everyone is fighting for is stability of the economy and a good life for his or her household and the country in general.

Source; Opera News

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