I will not put Ghana to shame like NPP…- Hassan Ayariga



Hassan Ayariga’s Speech before Acclamation 2020

Mr. Chairman, Madam First Lady in waiting, fellow country men and women, members of our great party APC, representatives of political parties, Chiefs and religious leaders, all APC party well wishers, the media , the Security, all Protocols duly observed . You are all warmly welcome to the 2nd APC National delegates Congress, Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

We thank God for everyday we are able to survive this deadly disease that has so badly affected our nation. My heart goes out to families that have lost members to Covid 19 both here and abroad. I am happy that many of you have made it to this Congress. We gather together here again, to demonstrate our love for humanity, our patriotism and love for mother Ghana.

All People’s Congress (APC) is here to mobilise ALL the PEOPLE of GHANA to make our nation better, stronger and great again. Our country deserves better, Ghanaians are tired of the theatrics and empty promises of the current crop of politicians. We must ensure a radical departure from this type of politics. APC brings you a better alternative to drive a transformation of our society, economy and politics.

Our policies will create a good market for our businessmen, expand business opportunities for our people, create Jobs, deliver a decent and proper health care system, and ensure access to better quality education for our children. People deserve better from our public schools. We can’t all afford private schools.


Fellow Ghanaians, I Hassan Ayariga will not put Ghana to shame, like what current and previous governments have done, when you vote for APC to power. The APC is very pregnant with grief and pains endured by Ghanaians who cannot even afford a square meal daily. Like you, I am outraged and cannot be forced to understand why the hopes of our youth are crashed against a concrete wall of bad leadership offered by the NPP and the NDC who have consistently taken the people of this country for granted as the only options they have.

Our nation is deeply divided along very partisan lines. People are excluded from opportunities on the basis of party affiliation and yet they are not exempted from tax obligation by virtue of party affiliations. This is ridiculous and shameful and we must reject the NPP and NDC who have turned this country into a milking cow to satisfy their greed and line their pockets as if politics were a war in which the winner is entitled to spoils!

Because of the exclusionary tendencies of the NPP and NDC we always have half of our population either being cynical about what the other half is doing or actually being obstructive. We can’t make progress with just half of our population being committed to anything or being part of any process. That is why we need the ALL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS. All the people must be brought to work together to accelerate the pace of transformation. People should not have their businesses collapsed because of their political persuasions, their ethnicity or religion. We will raise Ghana above such petty and destructive partisanship. This is the promise of the APC and Hassan Ayariga.

APC will set up an ALL INCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT to mobilize all the best brains and energies of our rich country to make this country a happy place to live, to work and to have a family.

It is time we hear the painful cry from our youth who want a fair nation that gives opportunities to all. We must listen to our farmers who contribute significantly to our food basket who are unable to get real subsidized prices for agricultural inputs and who have no credit facilities to help them expand their farms. APC and Hassan Ayariga hear and feel the pains you are going through. We are responding positively with results oriented governance of this our great nation.

Ghana will rise again because we are not going to promise more than we can deliver. But whatever our collective commitment shall be shall definitely be within our reach. Our collective strength measures up to our combined ambitions. If we put our shoulders together Ghana will rise again.

Our nation needs a world class infrastructure to compete favourably within West Africa, Africa and the world at large, better roads, high quality schools producing the best human resource that is innovative and well skilled and the best hospitals and care system. We need to create an economy that is inclusive and shares the benefit of growth equitably to all our populations – north and south, east and west and the center. APC will pursue a programme to deliver that. And I know we will succeed because we still have many who believe in the Ghanaian enterprise and ability to make things happen.

The days when you keep voting and hoping for change that never happens are over. We are here to wipe your tears and restore your dignity. We are here to rebuild our institutions of democracy- a free and thriving media, an independent judiciary devoid of partisan control and financial sector that is vibrant and has the confidence of the people. We will restore hope for our youth and confidence in leadership. We will be civil and guard the integrity and cohesion of our nation. We must never make a mistake of taking our cohesion peace and stability for granted.

And when we have made progress, it should not be seen in Green Books and presented in trackers. It should be proclaimed by the good people of Ghana in their daily realities! After all when they look at their lives, they should see the positive transformation. Nobody needs to tell them with diagrams and illustrations.

Our development should not burden us with debt that will enslave our children and grandchildren. When are we going to dig out of the debt to make progress. We promise a transformation that Ghanaians can afford. We have farmed out almost every resource to foreign ownership and tied everything to debt payment and we have diminished our national sovereignty. APC will redeem this nation and give back to Ghanaians what is theirs.

We will tackle the housing deficit to ensure people have decent homes. We will keep the best motivated army whose energy and skills will help with national development.
Our men in uniform have not yet received what is deserving to them for their night patrols. They must be treated with dignity and given the necessary protection together with their loved ones.

This is our country and must be transformed with our own resources. The stretch of land that lies fallow between Kintampo through to the northern region and to Bolga has the potential to turn our economy around through serious investment in Agriculture. The Kayayei menace would not expand to this level if investment like this is brought to bear on agriculture and young people are given the opportunity to earn some money through agricultural activities to be able to pay their children’s school fees, and to feed well with a well-balanced diet. This investment is possible and I’m determined to turn on our agricultural fortunes into good opportunities that shall make Ghana great again being the major food producer and supplier to the world. We don’t need to spent over $1.2billion to import rice when we can produce our own.

Our nurses and teachers must never be subjected to all forms of cruelty and disrespect when they demand what they deserve. Their promotions and allowances must not be developed into any warfare with government. Our teacher Unions, nurses Union, Clogsag and all other Unions must be well engaged for the welfare of their members. We must cultivate some spirits of responsiveness, togetherness , and must not be embittered through government policies and programs. I, Hassan Ayariga is by not any means contended that, I have all solutions to all our nations problems, but I believe that an open and transparent government, that is determined to weed out and root out the “winner take-all” kind of politics and bring everyone who matter on board with the right mindset, I have the firm conviction that we will get there as a country.

This country is yearning for a youthful leader, a leader that they can relate with and trust, a leader that they can hope and rely on, a leader that deliver to their doorstep, a leader who believes in the African spirit and nationalism, a leader who is ready to change the narratives of our political system and governance. Our African values must reflect into our political discourse, the values of respect to the elderly, the values of honouring the brave and the hero’s and heroines, the values of paying homage to our Chiefs and Queen’s who continue to shape our traditional laws and governance system. Our Chiefs are a rallying force of our country and should be given a good place in my government. I’m a rural man and I know the struggles, I have experienced it before and I know the difficulties Ghanaians go through to make their earns meet. It comes through the hard way. Opportunities must be created not by the creed of your region or the political party one belong to but by your right as a citizens of Ghana.

I can see the whirlwind coming, it’s that, that can change our nation through our endurance spirit of resistance to corruption temptation. It’s the endurance spirit that would wane personal enrichment to nation building. We shall together crash out the bad nuts in our society whose only aim is to inflict pain to their fellow Ghanaians through their dubious and shady deals. Our country is not a milking cow to corrupt public officials, and even if they are, it wouldn’t be made attractive under my government. I shall restore our values and hope in our country.

I will be honest to you at all times about the state of our nation. We need decency, we need consensus, and we need all on board to change a new face of our country. A country endowed with so much resources yet continue to borrow to pay workers whilst pile huge public debts and hoping to be paid by our grandchildren. I know things wouldn’t be easy as one could think about the task ahead of us, but we shall together make history for our country if APC is made to govern this country. Our country need an honest government. Not a government that believes that, one need to massage figures for populism purposes, not the government that believes that, your political opponent must be witch-hunt and not the government that suppresses the media. No state can survive as a democratic state without the media playing its democratic roles of being the mouthpiece of the citizens, checking of excesses and putting government on track.

There is no any better time to change and develop our country than now with APC. The waiting is over, the despair is no more. We shall rise to define the true meaning of our country. We cannot continue to endure the dictation conducted by the western world through their loans and packages meant to invade our sovereignty in a very intelligent manner, but it only takes a careful president to resist all those packages. We shall reduce imports and increase exports and make our currency strong again.

Ghanaians, the choice is ours, either we get things done again by voting APC to restore our hope or we continue to perish in the hands of politicians whose only aims is to amass the wealth of this nation for their family members alone. Let’s come together and say to them on their face that, enough is enough to the shame and ridicule they have brought to this country that was seen as the beacon of hope for Africa.

Thank you .
Dr. Hassan Ayariga
APC Leader/Founder

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