I Will Never Forget What He Did To Me That Night On His Bed

With all bitterness, I will boldly state that i will never forget what he did to me that night on his bed.

We all stay in the same house.

I am a young lady but I have a huge body which makes everyone think I am grown.

Whenever I am in the house alone, this guy call Frank will call me into his room, then we play games on his computer.

In fact I love putting on short skirts a lot when I am home, so I entered his room with the same dress code.

Anytime I went in, I realized that he always behaved in an unusual way.

He will sometimes stare at my short skirt, and smile.

He uses his hands to hit my curvy shape anytime I go to his room.

One evening, we were watching a movie together and I felt like sleeping. I wanted to relax on his couch, but he insisted he is resting there so I should rest on his bed.

I slept around 11:00 in the evening.

He jumped on me, trying to take away my clothes. He wanted to force me into sleeping with me, but I did not want to allow him.

We struggled that night for minutes on his bed, and that was the first time I had that experience.

At a certain point in our struggle I wanted to give myself to him so that he will stop worrying me, but we heard a knock at the door so everything went over.

Since then, I decided not to go to his room again. He still wants to sleep with me, and he said, when we do it just once, he won’t disturb me again. Should I do or not?

Please drop your advice.

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