I Will Expose “Wontumi”, He Fraudulently Took $1bn From The State- Kelvin Taylor

Ghanaian investigative journalist, Kevin Ekow Taylor has spewed allegations that the Ashanti Regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Bernard Antwi Boasiako, a.k.a “Chairman Wontumi” fraudulently made away with some $ 1 billion from the state over claims of ‘illegal’ destruction of his properties and mining concession by the Operation Vanguard Taskforce in the year 2013.

Kevin Taylor again disclosed that the evidence that Chairman Wontumi tendered in court were not his, and by that action committed a serious offense.

The America-based journalist continued in his disclosure that he has some evidence related to how Chairman Wontumi defrauded the state with satellite imagery of other concessions in other to influence the court in granting him the whopping $1billion as judgment debt.

Chairman Wontumi then Manager of Hansol Mining Limited sued the state for invasion and subsequent destruction of his mining equipment by the taskforce on illegal mining that was instituted by former President John Mahama at that time.

But outspoken Kevin Taylor is threatening to expose the NPP Chairman with some evidence he claims he has in his possession.

On his usual ‘With All Due Respect’ show last night, Kevin Taylor gave explanations on how Chairman Wontumi allegedly defrauded the state.

“Chairman Wontumi lied about his burnt excavators and took that $1billion from Ghana. All the footages he produced in court are not his. Chairman Wontumi does not own a satellite to take pictures of the site. He is liar and a fraud, and I am going to play all the right audios. Chairman Wontumi gathered different videos and took it to court and made claim that all those sites are his… that is not true.

“I am going to play the videos for every single person to know. You, I will expose you. It is thievery. And yet you are out destroying the land. They visited about 25 sites only three was his. But at the end of the day, he collected footages of those other sites and made a claim for himself,” he strongly fingered.

As to how quickly his evidence will be made public is another subject for discussion.

Source; Opera News

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