I Walked For 3hrs Before Getting This Information, I’m Sure He Will Be Back

Broadcast journalist “Captain Smart” gave explanations on Angel TV on how he walked for three hours simply to get information about how natural water reacts in the body.

According to the outspoken media practitioner, it is likely his Boss Doctor Kwaku Oteng will be back with more details because he now holds the keys to good living and herbs.

He continued in his explanation that when he was a kid, he took water from natural sources with cocky leaves and it really helped him a lot in life.

Now everything around us has changed. Almost all our water bodies have been polluted.

But still he is having hope in one man who is coming back with proper herbal ways of preserving water.

Captain Smart urged all and sundry to hold in high esteeme Doctor Kwaku Oteng who is known for Herbal efficacy, as an icon.

This is because the man has gained recognition from International bodies because of his ideas.

Source; Opera News

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