I took 2 female doctors to my house, i ended up sleeping with them the same time

Note: Picture used in this story is for the purpose of illustration

The feeling that comes with sleeping between two beautiful women with each pressing you with their apples cannot be under estimated.

The joy that accompanies chopping the honey pot of two beautiful women at the same time is a feeling best described as priceless.

It all begun when I went to Ghana for my vacation from the US.

As a matter of fact I had some few dollars on me to make my stay in the West African country an amazing one.

My mum comes from Ghana and her relatives are very welcoming and proudly shows me round town and to their friends as their proud son.

Whenever I am feeling emotionally weak, I just travel to Ghana for my system to be reenergize.

One cold evening, after a little rainfall, I decided to visit a night club to boost my system with some alcoholic drinks.

The night club I went was one of the most expensive clubs in town and only ‘big men’ and supper stars are permitted in.

If you are not dressed smartly you ain’t allowed inside.

I got myself a bottle of beer and lighted my cigarette to go with. It was at this moment that I saw two beautifully dressed women who came to seat beside me. I decided to engage them in a conversation and realised that they were medical doctors who came to chill out after a hard days work.

They were equally impressed to know that I’m also a doctorate holder in clinical psychology and paid about $25,000 a month.

Infact they left their mouth opened when they heard my pay.

As this time, the three of us had about three bottles of beer each. As this stage, the club was becoming noisier and the numbers began to increase as well. I ordered for shot of gin and they equally ordered.

At around mid night, the two doctors could not make their way to the their car that they’ve parked outside. This has led them to request me to take them home which I gladly agreed to do.

Due to how intoxicated they were, they could not show me direction to their home, I was left with no option than to pick them home. They requested to bath and I led them to the bathroom.

All the rooms in my house were occupied except one so I was left with no option than to sleep on the floor whiles they get the bed to themselves. They jointly insisted I sleep beside them.

The light was switch off by one of them and off I slept. I try very much not to touch any of them so as to win their trust. Within five minutes of sleep, I felt a cold hand moving down my lower part. Before I could say Jack, my sleeping cassava have got an employment in the mouth of one of the doctors, I kept quite trying not to disturb the other one but unknown to me, she was looking for my mouth in the dark to bless with hers.

That day, I used the whole night reciting Psalm 23 and the experience was one of a kind for me.

One of them got married but always makes time to join the fun anytime I’m in the country.This is why I’m very frequent at the hospital anytime I visit Ghana.

Source; Opera News

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