I slept with my Boss to save my husband but he did this to me



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Tunde and I loved each other so much.

The story of our love was just like a fantasy.

We got married just 2 months after we me each other. It sounds crazy right?

Well I guess it is more like a Romeo and Juliet story, because it ended in a tragedy.

After I and Tunde got married, I got pregnant and we had our first and only child, that was about 7 years ago.

Stephen, our only begotten son later became very sick.

We took him to the hospital, and after a scan, we were informed that he had a hole in his heart.

The scary part of the story was that he needed an urgent surgery which was about 21 million Naira.

But I and Tunde never lost hope, we went for a loan from the bank for Stephen’s surgery.

And fortunately everything was successful but not long after the surgery, Stephen suddenly slumped one morning and died.

It was really heartbreaking for us.

Well its all past, we got over it and along the line I got pregnant again, but I lost it.

One thing led to another, my husband fell sick too and yes it was cancer, he needed an urgent operation.

The Doctor told me I needed to pay 5 Million Naira.

My husband told me not to worry at all since he was working on it, but his situation became worse.

Hmmm, he was hospitalized again and this time he went into comma.

I had no choice, I was not ready to lose my husband they way I lost my son.

So I went to my boss and begged him for money. He said he was ready to give me the 5 Million only if am ready to spend one night with him.

I gave it a deep thought, and then I agreed to that demand.

“Well it was just a night, my husband’s life is worth a lot more than that”… These were my words.

I paid the money, and the operation was successful, there was no side effects. Tunde asked me about the money several times but I got my way around it.

But I was so uncomfortable, I felt sad for keeping such a secret from husband. One night I decided to open up and tell him the truth.

But things got out of hands, my husband was became highly furious.

He pushed me out of the house. And till today am still begging him.

I don’t know if I regret my actions or not. I know I did something wrong, but it I did that with the right motive.

Please kindly help me out.

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