I Secretly Followed My Daughter To An Uncompleted Building, What I Saw Made Me Cry

A huge number of people would love to share their life stories with other People but they don’t have a good platform.

In this article,I would like to share with you a life story which was shared on a whatsapp platform which sparked a lot of reactions.

I am a 42-year old single mother whose dream is to ensure that my daughter and I live a good and God fearing life.

I gave birth to my daughter when I was just 18 years old and this made me to drop out of school because my parents chased me away from home.

I begun living alone, I promised to raise my child in the best way ever and I again made sure that I put God at the centre of everything in my life.

I was able to accomplish a lot of that when my daughter was ver young and therefore, I was able to also make a lot of money from my little profession.

My daughter was the best in her school from nursery till she wrote the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination which gained her a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria.

It was very difficult for me to let her go to school but I had no option.

Her first year was really something to write home about and she also excelled in everything she did.

After her first year in school, I discovered a lot of changes in my daughter.

First of all I noticed she stopped going to church regularly and was not praying anymore.

I also realized that she was fond of speaking back at me whenever I try to correct her or scold her and this really made me sad but I just continued praying to God.

I talked to my friends about it and she told me to secretly follow my daughter whenever I notice her going out at night.

I thought about it and finally decided to go behind her one Friday when she was going out at 9 p.m.

I followed her for about 15 minutes, then I noticed her entering an uncompleted building alone while I watched her unnoticed.

As I observed her, I noticed her engaging some ladies who sat down with her and sarted smoking.

After minutes,I heard them talking about how they would initiate some young girls into their cult group.

I was very surprised and disappointed in my daughter, despite all the prayers and fasting which i did because of her.

I cried and cried because I just didn’t know what to do anymore.

I am very confused and I want somebody to help me out.


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