“I saw many Ghanaians dieing…blood was all over “- Prophet shares terrible vision



“I saw it clear in a night vision I recieved few days ago. The clouds over our country Ghana were  thick dark. Within it was a thin light but the rays were somehow obstructed by the cloud.

As I switched my observation towards the earth, I saw several Ghanaians being chased after by the spirit of death. The dead rose out of their graves and were hunting for the living. Many Ghanaians were dieing and the land was full of bloody scenes”;  these were the words of Prophet Joshua Addo, Founder and leader for Prayer City Ministry.

In a cozy dialogue with the Kumasi based seer, he whispered into the ears of that many Ghanaians will pass away (die) this year 2020 through tragic means; a grand scheme of the devil against the nation.

“Terrible and unprecedented incidents will hit our country Ghana. I want to relay this piece of divine message to every Ghanaian through this medium so that we will jointly lift up prayers  on behalf of our mother land, perhaps God will save our nation from any evil occurrence”, he advised.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief



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