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I regretted creating AK-47. It has killed many people- inventor

We can only have control over what is on our hands. When Mikhail Kalashnikov created the Ak-47, he never knew that it will be utilised by both the military and the crime lords to kill millions of people.

The Ak-47 is the most used weapon in the world.

Mikhail Kalashnikov who was born in 1919 was a Russian Lieutenant-General, inventor, military engineer, writer, arms designer.

He designed and made the AK-47 assault rifle. He even made the improvement the AKM and AK-74. Mikhail Kalashnikov died in 2013. He died as a great Hero in Russia. Before he died, he wrote of his regret creating the deadly weapon to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in 2012.

He wondered if he was responsible for the death of millions of people caused by the weapon he made.

In his letter, he said one question was causing him grave pain in his soul.

“if my rifle claimed people’s lives, then can it be that I… a Christian and an Orthodox believer, was to blame for their deaths?” He said that this question above have worried him for long. He wondered why God allowed man to have a wicked desire of greed, envy and aggression.

Mikhail Kalashnikov is not to be blame. He created the weapon as part of his work, because his country needed it. But human quest for power drove people to abuse the weapon and killed millions of people for greed.

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