I promise you Nana, you will win massively

The 2020 December general elections is on and all the presidential candidates are willing to grab the seat this year easily with a massive margin of votes.

The sitting President of the republic of Ghana and the flag bearer of the leading political party, His Excellency Nana Addo pleaded with Ghanaians to vote for him for four more years to continue his good works in the nation.

Well, this article I will state my opinion here and you can drop yours as well. Remember do not raise your voice but let your argument count.

The said reasons below on why Nana Addo Dankwa will win this year’s election is enormous and all comments are allowed.


Here in the country Ghana, in times of hardship and emergency situations innocent lives are dearly lost mostly. Before you can dial the emergency number of the ambulance service it might take above twenty minutes before they arrive at your destination and with this kind of dilemma, the president had the power in his hands to provide an ambulance to every district in the nation.


During the reign of the opposition party, National Democratic Congress led by the former president of the republic of Ghana, Mr. John Dramani Mahama school children found it difficult to enter into the next level of education after finishing the Junior High School level. The introduction of the Free senior high school policy has helped numerous Ghanaian JHS graduate to triumphed to the SHS sector.

Well as you can see clearly there are numerous of works that the sitting President has done that can help him win this year.

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