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I never betrayed the IGP – Ex-Executive Secretary



Former Executive Secretary to Ghana’s Inspector General of Police, Peter Lanchene Toobu voluntarily resigned from the Ghana Police Service to contest as a parliamentary candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Wa West Constituency of the Upper West Region.

His resignation from his office was received with certain rumours as it was speculated he was a mole planted in the IGP’s office to spy on the then IGP appointed by the President Akufo-Addo. This allegation gained some weight because it is a popular notion that the IGP is appointed based on his political colour.

The ex-serviceman in a recent interview, however, debunked these false allegations and insisted he is a man of integrity and principle who gives his utmost best under every scenario regardless of who he is working with and for.

In an interview with Happy 98.9 FM’s Afrifa-Mensah host of ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ political talk show, Peter said, “I have not betrayed the IGP. I had my life planned out and it was not to be a police for more than 25 years. I have a personal development plan which I followed. I worked with three (3) former IGPs and they will all tell you I am a young man of integrity and principle.”

He revealed publicly for the first time that the position of the Executive Secretary to the IGP was vacant for three (3) months as the former IGP, David Asante-Apeatu was waiting for him to occupy it.


“I was serving in the United Nations when I was appointed into the office of the Executive Secretary to the IGP. The chair was vacant for three (3) months. When I got to the airport, the first call I got was from IGP Apeatu and I even panicked when he identified himself. He told me to meet him at his office the next day which I did and the rest is history.”

Explaining his concept of work, the Parliamentary candidate for the Wa West Constituency indicated that Ghana stands tall in all he does and will never put a party first.

“Ghana stands tall. We don’t need to be friends but we need to and will work for a better Ghana. I have some level of professionalism around me. I worked hard in my position and the IGP noted that I love my country. I work for the love of the country and nothing more.”

Peter Lanchene Toobu revealed how he helped reduce unemployment by coming up with the community policing system and emphasized that as a lover of mother Ghana, he presented it for implementation under the NPP government and not the opposition which he belongs to.

“From the experience I had gathered from working the United Nations (UN), I developed a simple concept to start the community policing system that will help reduce unemployment and also arrest and also reduce crime. The government was to employ 36,000 under the community police system but managed 15,000. I presented the concept to Sammi Awuku.”

“People say I have betrayed IGP Apeatu but no, I was working for Ghana. I am not a bootlicker. I am a young man of principle and I believe in myself and the country,” he emphasized.

source; Happy 98.9FM

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