I never believed it until I secretly went there to record them in Kumasi

His is called Nana Captain Smart a presenter with Angel Broadcasting Network ABN.

Today, he disclosed how he secretly went to Kumasi and pegged himself in one of the Commentary boxes.

He never believed the treatment given to sports presenters by their various Radio stations until he saw it with his two eyes.

He was on a mission to find out.

He positioned his cameras secretly and began recording them.

Per what he said, some of the radio stations cannot provide good gadgets for live commentary.

Most of them were using their mobile phones. Making it difficult for the presenters as they kept shouting like street preachers.

He said Angel TV is blessed to have every equipment needed for live commentaries and Urged Other stations to copy them.

He added that his revels proved that many presenters are struggling to make a meaningful journalism but the system doesn’t favor them.

Source; Opera News

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