I need protection, my life is more important than my job – Jean Mensah

Chairperson for the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC), Madam Jean Mensa has come out to say that she is in need of more protection than ever because of the nature of her work.

The EC has come under strong criticism and fire since she declared NPP as the winner of the just ended 2020 December 7 election.

The declared results came us a big blow against the opposition party NDC and has since then protested the verdict.

Jean Mensa speaking in an interview with adom media, disclosed her biggest fear and how her life is much more important to her than her job.

“My work is very important for me, but my life matters more. It doesn’t usually bother me when people disgrace the integrity of my work”.

She further added that her work is something based on laws and not wishes, so whatever she does and has done was according to what the laws permit and not of her own free will. She made notice of how much she feels unsafe in the society as at now with all thatis going on in the country.

“My family’s security depends on me and I am willing to defend them with everything”.

She has called for protection for herself and her family;

She made know in the interview how urgent she and her family are in need of urgent and maximum protection like every government personnel has.

She vowed to forever keep her solemnity to the people, and serve Ghana in the best way she can.

Source; Opera News

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