I Married Him Only To Realize He Could Only Last One Minute In Bed

This is my story dear reader.

I had always been the church girl type and in fact did not like the idea of getting into a relationship at a very early stage in my life.

As a matter of truth life had always been fun and I really enjoyed the single life.

In those days, I vividly remember several people in my neighborhood using me as an example to their kids. Awww how awesome it was.

I was very unique such that everybody would like to have me as their daughter.

A lot of people would think that maybe, I was not so physically attractive and that is why I was moving on the path of singleness.

Negative. I am very beautiful and naturally equipped with heavy goods such that whenever I go out, I get at least one man approaching me and pouring out his heart to me.

I was just not in the mood to get attached to a man at that point in my life.

Anytime they approached, my response was that I was not ready to be in a relationship but could be friends with them. Some agreed, others moved on. Well, that is the nature of life.

As single as I was, age was gradually catching up and I had to finally get attached to a guy who would be my husband in the near future.

After all, I discovered that the single life is boring when age starts catching up with you.

I was 26 years of age by then and was no more holding on to the title of being a single lady.

I had to make my parents and family proud by finally getting attached to my soul mate.

That was the moment my current husband came in.

He proposed to me on one sunny Friday afternoon during my break time at work.

He just could not resist my presence as he looked at me for some good minutes.

Fast forward he approached me and questioned me on whether he could sit beside me in the canteen.

“Why not?” I replied, “have a seat”.

This is where our conversation commenced.

In fact he was very fun to be with and cracked many jokes such that I did not even want my break time to end.

Before parting he asked if he could get my number and I willingly gave it to him.

Well, he was very nice and looked cool so I never bothered giving it out.

Finally, finally I gave in to his proposal because I knew we were the perfect pair.

He was very nice and handsome, he took me out on dates, bought me things, went to church with me and did many other interesting things with me but there was one thing he was yet to do.

On many occasions he asked me to sleep with him before we married but as a strict Christian, I always rejected that offer.

I did not want to commit any sin and was hoping to sleep with him only after we marry.

I think he did not cherish that idea and because of that he felt very uncomfortable thinking I did not love him.

But I made him to understand that I loved him so much but I just did not want to go against the Bible which he understood.

2 years after our dating, he finally decided to ask me to marry him.

I must admit, that was one of the happiest moments in my life.

I quickly accepted his proposal and we did everything we could to make this wedding possible.

We just married last 2 months and on a sad note, I have encountered a very big “wahala” with him.

We sleep together alright but he only lasts one minute in bed during sexual intercourse. Hmmmmm

He does not make me sexually happy at all.

He gets me in the mood only to ejaculate within about a minute.

I just do not know what to do at this moment.

I am very pretty sure that I would have known what to do if I had tasted him before marriage but I did not want to do that.

Always I try telling him to get himself checked up but he does not listen to me.

I just heard that he had been using enhancement drugs and aphrodisiac at an early age and this is the reason why his energy had drastically declined.

I have personally bought many orthodox and herbal drugs for him but still, he does not last much longer as expected.

I am very confused at the moment and do not know what to do because now that I am married, I am mostly in the sexual mood to get him with me in bed.

I only get wet without hitting the climax whenever I have sex with him.

I informed a good friend about it and she said I should cheat on him if he is not willing to make me happy in bed but cheating too is a sin.

To be honest, I am very confused and don’t know what to do.

Please somebody must help me out. What should I do?

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