I Forced Him To Hit It Hard The First Day We Met In His Room Bcos He Was Shy



As a matter of fact, I was so much obsessed about this guy the first time I see my eyes on him. He looked very smart, nice looking and well dressed.

He offered me a lift that very day when I have closed from work and that was how everything commenced.

The first question he asked me was “what is your name?”.

He then followed it up with the work I do and the place he can find me.

I gave him every answer he needed within less than 30 seconds.


Was I hallucinating? Not at all!!!

Maybe, it was a love at first sight. I told him I am Elsie.

As usual, I also requested from him his name and the job he does. He took his time to tell me more about him.

He gave me Dickson as his name and told me he works as a consultant in one the big firms in this country.

We exchanged contacts and that was all for the day.

Dickson called my number the next day and he invited me to a family dinner.

He gave me the time he will pick me up and made me aware thst he will be introducing me to his family.

I was a little surprised and was like; wooow, this is too soon!

At the dinner table, he introduced me to his family as his newly found girlfriend.

Wait; in the first place he has not proposed to me neither do we actually know much about ourselves but I kept silent and accepted it the way he wants it.

When the dinner was over, he took me to his apartment where I asked him the reason behind his decision to introduce me to his family as his girlfriend.

He told me in plain words that he wanted to surprise me and that he loves me.

I was somehow surprised though to his explanation but hey! I think I also love him.

He entered his room with me, sat there quietly without talking to each other for some minutes.

Dickson was on his bed and he invited me to come and sit closer to him of which I did without hesitation.

He wanted to have his way in but I did not agree to it.

Dickson tried many times to do it. I told him I want to leave but he strongly disagreed to it.

He told me the door has locked and it cannot be opened.

So what I did was I forced him to hit the door hard with harmer because he was afraid I may shout and the door opened.

Abruptly after that, I left his room and board a passenger car to my house.

Since that time, this guy has blocked my number and I cannot reach him neither does he call me.

What should I do? Please help me.

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