I fixed a secret camera in my son and daughter’s room. This is what I caught them doing



I was suspecting my children of doing something secretly so I secretly mounted a camera to see what it was.

I am called Kofi Mensah, I am married with 2 children a boy and a girl. Because of the COVID 19 restrictions they are always left home. Their mother is a banker and I am also a journalist.

They can’t be sent to work since they are teenagers, they are able to cook for themselves.

One Saturday morning I quickly rushed to work, my wife also followed after little preparation and went I came back from work and the house was quiet. I didn’t call anybody and I entered to see what was happening. My son was the only person in the room watching TV. I asked of his and he said “there she comes” I turned and saw her but I wasn’t satisfied.

I came home the following day and met the same incidence which happened the first day.


I decided to hide in my room and pretended to go to work. What I saw really surprised me. I 10 minutes, my son asked his sister to see if I was gone, she came back and confirmed I wasn’t any where near.

They waited for about 20 minutes and they started to plan, my son went outside and came around 3 hours all wet and sweating, I was a bit anxious to come out but I wanted to see what they were doing.

My daughter also went out and come around 3hours, I quickly used the back door and pretend i was just coming.

I placed a camera secretly in their room and what I saw made me cry.

They over heard their mother complaining of her leg because she had an accident which has affected her and she needs an amount if money to fix it, because I was facing a little challenge in my work due to covid 19, I wasn’t able to help her. With all the months they have been staying at home, they were selling pure water to help with the surgery. They have accumulated a huge sum of money to help.

I didn’t remove the camera and waited for the next day, I went to work but I decided to come early, I came and they were all home. I thought they didn’t go again because the money was many. I went to check the camera and they were counting another money.

I decided to approach them and they told me all the story. My wife had already fixed the issues with her leg with my help so we decided to save the money in their account for next academic year. We asked them not to go and sell again and they agreed. I think I have the best children in the world.

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