“I Earn My Money Earnestly, I Don’t Steal From Gov’t Like Others”

Infact the confidence of Ghanaians is gradually fading away from the leaders of the country.

Majority of the youth are now of the notion that government appointees and other political duty bearers are in their respective offices only to enrich themselves from the public purse.

Interestingly, those who are found culpable of misappropriation of public funds walk freely with impunity.

In a discussion on net 2 TV’s program dubbed “The Attitude” on Friday 16th July 2021, Mr Kusi Boafo, CEO of Public Sector Reforms categorically stated that the number of reforms he is putting in place will check the activities of public office holders.

He noted that public and political officers are not appointed for wealth creation.

He explained that they are called for duty and responsibility in the interest of the citizenry.

Mr. Kusi Boafo sighted himself as someone who has established many businesses and therefore does not need to steal from the coffers of government to enrich himself.

“I earn all my money honestly, I don’t steal from the government to make me rich. I have my palm plantation, mushroom bread, and other things all in my name”.

Source; Opera News

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