I Drank Bitter Leaf Juice For 1 Week This Is What Hapened To Me

Hello my lovely reader, today I am schooling you on some of the medical advantages of the popular leaf called bitter Leaf.

I want to start by informing you on the medical advantages of using this leaf

A. Medical research has shown that it improves the odds of young ladies getting pregnant.

B. The leaf is used for cooking which I sometimes do.

C. It is used to treat many diseases.

D. Bitter leaf helps in curing diabetes .

E. It helps in forestalling cancer.

F. Bitter leaf when consumed helps in the curing of fever.

G. Bitter leaf brings reduces high blood pressure.

H. It helps in calming stomach problems

I. It is a magic treatment for prostrate cancer

An approach to assemble bitter leaf that could be sound for you

How To Prepare It

A. First of all, try and get a number of bitter leaf

B. Rinse it well in a clean salt solution. The salt helps in killing any bacteria on the leaf.

C. Rise it the second time in a different water. This time not a salt solution but normal clean water.

D. Take them out from the water and blend them .

E. Extract the juice into a clean bowl or cup.

F. You can drink it twice daily. Morning and evening for one week. You will thank me later.

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Thank you very much

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