I Don’t Need Your Money For My Campaign- Kennedy Agyapong Angrily Fires

Member of Parliament for Assin Central Honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has fired again by making a disclosure that he doesn’t need anybody’s money to organize his campaign.

He was speaking on his NET 2 television station during a program dubbed: “the Seat”.

He indicated that the entire country is full of indiscipline and deserves bold leaders to make changes.

He said galamsey is everywhere with people engaging in the act without any fear.

Honourable MP noted that water bodies are being destroyed with impunity whilst nobody is being bold to criticize them.

Honourable Kennedy vowed that he will take bold decisions to end galamsey in Ghana if he is allowed to lead the country for only four years.

According to him, he does not need the money of galamsayers to run a campaign, and stopping them will not be very easy.

“We are destroying all the rivers in this country. I will make sure galamsey stops in my area. Galamsey boys in my area are begging me to build a toilet for them. I insulted them openly. We cannot pamper them and they will take the money outside and criticize the same country. Let me be president for four years, I will drill everybody because I don’t need your money for my campaign. So I will drill you and stop that galamsey”. He noted.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong adds that foreigners puts up businesses in Ghana and it booms for them but when a Ghanaian does the same, the story becomes different.

“There are people destroying this country. We must not sit down to allow some people with dirty minds to sell out this country for us. Young boys are into galamsey and destroying all the gains and later blame the government. If I should handle Ghana for just four years, everything will change. People come and work in this country and it survives. But we are different. Ghanaians are being manipulated left right-center. We must take our destiny into our own hands”, he indicated.

Source; Opera News

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