I don’t hate him, but he has serious questions to answer – Kelvin Taylor

Many of the unpleasant scenes that happened during the selection of the Speaker of Parliament as identified by many was how military men stormed the Chamber and tried to quell the tensions that had arisen.

As calm was restored, the question has been on who really issued that command.

Many government big wigs have denied giving the command. Kevin Taylor has waded into the brouhaha and called for a rapid investigation into the issue.

It appears that the United States based Ghanaian journalist Kevin Taylor is not ready to let the issue go that easily.

He has given hint that he will do everything possible to make sure that the man behind the order is disciplined.

According to his statement, he hopes to arrive at the man behind the ordering of Col Joe Punamane and his squad to enter the Chamber.

On the night of January 12, 2020, he strongly called on Parliament to investigate the case thoroughly without any bias.

“This man has to be called to answer questions. We don’t need to negotiate on this. This is against the constitution. This is not about Kevin hating anyone. I don’t hate him but he has some questions to answer. The right thing has to be done. Anyone involved has to be questioned. Whether MP or minster has to be interrogated. This is treason.”, he boldly stated.

It looks like Kevin will not rest until this case is solved.

He has maintained that every day on show he will publicize the case till justice is served.

Source; Opera News

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