I decided to wash my wife’s clothes as a surprise to her but what I saw broke my heart

My name is Victor and i am a young business man. I decided to get married at an early age.

I took my wife to the altar at 27 and from there we settled as a family. Three Years into the marriage, God gave us a son and my wife proved to be a good wife material.

Susan my wife does all her chores without being reminded. As a matter of fact, my friends even endorsed her as more industrious than their own wives.

As the days rolled by, my wife was pregnant again. In her fifth month, I decided to help her out in some of the home chores. I decided it should be a surprise to make her happy but it turned out sour for me at the end as I made a heart breaking discovery about her.

First, on a Friday afternoon during her ante natal period, I left my big shop and came home.

First, I cooked and washed the dishes. I went ahead to clean our bedroom and at last, I decided to wash all her clothes that were dirty.

I brought out mine, went to our son’s area, picked his and as I went to collect her clothes in the closet, I was disappointed at what I saw.

There was a big brown bag at the corner of the closet. I thought that might be where she stored her dirty clothes. I took the bag but it felt much heavier than clothes so I decided to check what was inside.

I saw all my missing gold wrist watches which she has even claimed she never saw.

My missing neck chains were there. My brother’s missing items were there. My friends have usually reported their items to be missing whenever we visited their home but I could beat my chest that it wasn’t mentor my wife.

I was soo much shocked to the marrows.I cried uncontrollably as it became so obvious that my dear wife, Susan is a kleptomaniac.

I was so confused and heart broken. I thought my wife was just perfect but i never knew she wasn’t until today. I packed the bag back and looked for her dirty clothes, quickly did the laundry and left the house.

Since I returned to the office I have been thinking about how to deal with this situation at hand.

Please share with me your advice as to what I should do.

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