I consumed more than 4 bananas in the evening. See what happened



Banana is a great diet not only for its high level of potassium, but also for its ability to facilitate weight loss.

Eating on a daily basis offers soo much health benefits.

1. Bananas prevent osteoporosis, blindness, diabetes, cramps and nausea. Because they are rich in dietary fiber they prevent constipation and indigestion by regulating the bowel movements.

2. Best forvweight loss

3. A starch resistant food and made up of 75% water.


4. Regulates blood sugar, great for those who suffer from diabetes.

5. Prevents calcium deficiency, improves the mineral absorption and strengthens bones and teeth.

6. Improves reasoning and cognitive ability due to the high potassium content.

7. Bananas prevent kidney cancer and kidney stones by encouraging the body’s calcium absorption.

8. Bananas contain a high amount of iron which improves the blood quality and prevents anemia.

9. Before exercising, consume a banana or two to get enough stamina for the whole session.

10. High in potassium Bananas protect from stroke and heart attack.

11. They treat depression because of their tryptophan content that transforms into serotonin in the body which controls the mood.

12. Bananas are a Low-energy-density food, which provides more food with fewer calories. As they have extra bulk from calorie-free fiber higher water content.

Source; opera news

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