I caught my wife cheating with her male best friend

I am the type of person who doesn’t really take relationship soo serious,

I felt if you do the needful, she will have no reason to cheat. But I didn’t know that I was wrong all along.

I will inform you on a story that made me change my mind about relationships.

There was a man who lived happily with his wedded wife for several years, but things change when he got a promotion at work. He became very busy, he hardly eat breakfast before going to work in the morning and returns home late at night.

His wife complained many times but he keep giving her different excuses.

One day, he was in his bedroom with his wife, suddenly her phone rang, his wife took the phone and left the room to pick the call outside. When she returns, her husband asked who that was, she said it was her best friend. Hearing that, he thought she meant a female Best friend. He over looked the event. But she kept acting weird, she stopped complaining and he knew something was wrong.

One afternoon, while at work, he quickly remembered that he left a file at home a day before that, so he quickly jumped up and headed home.

On his arrival at home, he saw a strange car packed in his car space. He didn’t bother because he thought his wife has a visitor. So he went to attend to his need. Getting to his matrimonial bedroom, he was shocked to see his wife with another man committing adultery. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he just went in, took the file and left.

His wife waited for him all night long and he never returned home. The next day she received a call that her husband was involved in a terrible accident. She felt bad and leave with the guilt for the rest of her life.

Now the question is, who is at fault? The husband or the cheating wife. Please leave your comments below and don’t forget to share

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