“I Can’t Be Part Of You If You Can’t Speak The Truth To Your People”- Kelvin Taylor

One of the controversial media personalities Kelvin Taylor has ones again fired missiles against his critics who are within the NPP.

During in the late hours of 13th of March, he heavily lambasted them for describing him as a hungry journalist who is only interested in supporting the winning team.

In his reaction, Kelvin Taylor whiles speaking on his usual “Loud Silence” program gave a direct message to the supporters of NPP by saying that he is not one of them.

He emphasized on the fact that former President John Dramani Mahama of the NDC has been the best president that Ghana can ever boast of and his loyalty lies with the competence of the former president.

Kelvin Taylor boldly indicated that he cannot be the Npp.

“I can’t be part of you if you can’t speak the truth to your people”- he courageously lambasted NPP officials who he claimed are never truthful to their words and are only interested in useleaa propaganda.

Source; Opera News

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