“I am not the mouthpiece of NPP”- Bishop Agyin Asare tells politicians in Ghana



Any person dwelling on the notion that International Evangelist Bishop Charles Agyin Asare is on the side of any political party in Ghana; the reason for his blossoming ministry has gotten it all wrong.

The Presiding Bishop for Perez Chapel International in his own words said on Sunday that he is not the mouthpiece of any political party in Ghana. “I am not the mouthpiece for NPP. I am not the mouthpiece for NDC. I am not the mouthpiece for CPP. The only party that I am a mouthpiece for is the JESUS PARTY”, he said in a live televised church service as scooped by

His statement was premised on the ecclesiastical reality that a number of clergy as part of their in-actions conduct themselves in a way to suit the interest of political rulers. They do so to get favor from them and make “quick money”.


The Divine healing Preacher gave Mika 3:11 as a Biblical precedent; ”Its rulers judge for a bribe; its priests teach for a price; its prophets practice divination for money. But they lean on Yahweh, saying, “is not Yaweh in our midst? Disaster will not come upon us”.

He made an exposition on  the foregoing by saying that God lambasted the then Priests and Prophets since they took money from people before they ministered to them.

“…and the Prophets were prophesying because of the favor they will get from the rulers and God was saying you can’t do that and claim that you depend on God. It doesn’t work like that. That is quick money”, Bishop Agyin Asare explained.

In the live church service, he made a humble plea to God that “let my words speak to the conscience of my hearers. Let me be your mouth piece and not the mouth piece of any party”.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-Chief




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