“I am extremely perturbed”- Ghana President shares emotions over fake videos on military brutalities



President Akuffo Addo has shared his emotional state over the circulation of videos on alleged brutalities committed by some members of the security agencies especially the military.
He stated in his address to the nation tonight 5thApril 2020 that; “…I am extremely perturbed by the actions of a few unpatriotic persons who deliberately circulate old videos of alleged brutalities by members of security agencies largely of foreign origin and presenting them as though they were new incidents by Ghanaians security personnel which have occurred during the course of this pass week”.
According to His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, the law enforcement agencies and for that matter government are determined to locate originators of such antisocial acts.

“…It is sad, it is unfortunate and it must end. There is nothing to be gained with a wide spread fabrication and distribution of such videos whose sole aim is to create discontent and undermine the trust of the population in the men and women of our security service. Who gains from such conduct? Nobody in their right senses”, he told perpetrators of the act in his address to the nation.

By Enock Akonnor; Editor-in-chief

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